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Nobuhito will be startled at or try to control your body.But now

Even if it is not in its heyday Jie day also don't feel, or, in his heyday had never thought about nature was trembling.But today I really feel, Jie no days won't believe that nature was trembling.If someone in front of you tell yourself: I felt the nature of the trembling!After hearing this, he will be the first time I felt that this man must be possessed by the devil!At this moment, Jie no day in looked at Chen Ren eyes have changed a lot.If Chen Ren is the discovery, because Chen Ren's constitution, so Chen Ren future cultivation of talent, the limitless.But if Chen Ren was found by accident, so that Chen Ren's luck is very ridiculous.In Wu's self-discipline, the fate of luck, is also very important.From whatever direction of view, Chen Ren's achievements in the future will certainly out of the ordinary, but Jie no day view, also have confirmed it, really!And no day Jie also found, and if his body and nature shaking coincidence, then, your body will be the nature of admission, the nature of the energy is equivalent to a part of his body.In this way, his body's energy, and the nature of the energy together.No wonder Chen Ren body can absorb the energy of nature, so at this moment, Chen Ren has been the nature completely accept, successful and nature of the com.It is the owner of the chaotic physique, so quick to have done, and done more good than others.Perhaps, chaotic physique than legends of the constitution is better, just before those chaotic physical owner was not found.Perhaps in the help and the development of their own, Chen Ren this chaotic physical owner, will get beat all achievements.And don't say Jie no day after he saw Chen Ren's practice, a surprising, in Chen Ren's body, now also appeared some changes.After Chen Ren had just sat down, immediately abandoned all distracting thoughts in mind, start with no day Jie said, careful understanding of the surrounding environment.At this moment, Chen Ren felt his body unconsciously began to tremble.Originally, if the usual words, Nobuhito will be startled at or try to control your body.But now, Chen Ren heart empty, do not think this is how one thing.Even Chen Renye only know their own body was trembling, this information only in Chen Ren's mind flashed a disappeared.After Chen Ren's body began to tremble, call Chen Ren felt his body there was a cheerful.This kind of feeling, as if a child suddenly see a lot of candy in front of oneself in general.Subsequently, a refreshing feeling from Chen Ren body came to Chen Renshu, and even cool almost groaned out.


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